What are the best practices for a successful campaign?

Here are some best practices to optimize your page and reach your target:

  • Take time to read again, revise and complete your main text;
  • Use a good quality visual, that fits the page size;
  • Add details on how you’ll use the funds;
  • Describe yourself and why you are launching this campaign. If you have links on your activities, include them;
  • If you have a Facebook account, link it to your account to make it appear under your name on the right column;
  • Personalize the address of your page to make it easier to remember;
  • Concerning how to share your page, start by your closest contacts, the ones more likely to give you funds in the beginning. When you have a certain amount of contributions, share the link to your networks and then to the communities that could be interested in financing your campaign;
  • Avoid soliciting the same people too much;
  • Keep the people that donated informed on a regular frequency. Let them know how your campaign is doing by posting news.
  • Fill in your bank details as soon as possible to ease the funds transfer.
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