Providing your banking information

Banking details are linked to a campaign. This means they can differ from one of your campaign to another and you can select the most appropriate banking account for each one. Therefore, you can simply use again banking details from a previous campaign.

For each campaign, you will need to provide us with your identity and banking details. Two different links allow it:

  • From your campaign page, by clicking on the banner at the top of the page “Create an account now!”;
  • From the “Funds transfer” section located on the banner of your campaign page.

You will then be redirected to a form on which you will need to indicate some details about you, including your status (individual, organization or corporation) and your country of residence. Be careful, these two items cannot be modified later.

By clicking on the button “Next step”, you will be redirected to our payment aggregator Kolkt, on which you will need to fill the fields regarding your identity and banking details, and insert the required documents.

Please note that the button to retrieve your funds will appear only when you complete the form with your banking details.

Also, the form will take 48 working hours to be validated. You can ask for a transfer before being validated, but this will extend the time needed for the transfer.


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