📣 Okpal moves on Ulule!

Dear Okpal community,

Okpal is a great idea from the Ulule team, launched in 2015 with the desire to make it easy for everyone to raise funds for their project.

Now 8 years old, thousands of you have used our service for your projects, and we thank you warmly!

We've decided to gradually wind down Okpal.com's activities and propose a single platform for all your projects, which you already know: Ulule.com.

So the adventure doesn't stop here - it's going from strength to strength!

With Ulule, you can take advantage of the best service for launching, financing and even training your projects.

The advantages of Ulule for all your projects

  • Personalized support: our team of coaches will advise you throughout the fundraising process.
  • Full functionality: with or without counterparties, pre-launch page, one-off and monthly donations, etc. 
  • A great community: with over 4 million members, you probably already have a friend on Ulule.

What happens to your Okpal account and campaigns?

  • You have an ongoing fundraising campaign: nothing changes, you can continue to use Okpal as before, we won't close your fundraising campaign.
  • You have an active contribution: nothing changes, your monthly contribution to a fundraising campaign will remain active as long as the campaign is online.

Until when?

You have plenty of time: no end date has yet been set for Okpal's "sunsetting". You will receive an email several months in advance when this date is set, so that you can switch your fundraising to Ulule.

Do you have a question?

Contact us directly by clicking on "Help" at the bottom right of your screen, our team will be happy to answer and assist you.

See you soon 👋
The Okpal team

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