I am having an issue when trying to donate

If you are having troubles donating, it is essential to identify the following: at what step the problem is occurring, if you can reach the payment form, and which steps you can’t finalize.

Defining your configuration is also very important to solve your problem:

  • What device are you using? Have you tried donating from different devices?
  • What browser are you using (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)? Our website is optimized for Google Chrome: sometimes you can simply try to use this browser to solve the issue.
  • What is your Internet connexion (your ISP, mobile carrier, using wifi)?
  • Do you have an anti-virus activated? Sometimes deactivating it will allow you to contribute.

Make sure that your card’s information are correct and that your card hasn’t expired. Also, make sure that you haven’t reached your transaction limit. Please know that your bank can also block the payment if they notice any unusual activities.

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